Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Know Us?

  • We publish a directory of education-based coaches (and administrators) for High Schools, Junior High/Middle Schools, and Colleges Nationwide.
  • We are the official partner and publication of the NIAAA (The National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association).
  • We're here to help coaches and administrators! The Coaches Insider offers free sport-specific coaching content including videos, articles, & more.
  • School Administrators might receive calls from our awesome Team -- updating coaching staff information via phone.
  • Updating Coaching Staff online is the Fastest Way -- we send athletic administrators occasional emails to update.

Online Directory Registration

“Email provided does not match your School in our system” error appears. Why is this happening?

In attempting to keep our online directory and social networking community limited to interscholastic coaches and administrators, we make sure that we verify that you are listed at a school. Please troubleshoot using the following information:

  • If you have recently joined a school, or your school has not updated coaching staff information with us recently; we may not have you listed in our database.
  • We may not have an e-mail address listed for you, or you may be listed in our database under an alternative e-mail.
  • If you are an assistant coach we are now listing you in our directory! However, we have just started to offer this and you may not be listed yet. Please contact us at 1.877.386.4840 ext 0 to register.
  • Email, call 1.877.386.4840 ext 0, or use the Chat feature below for further assistance or information.

If I sign up for the complimentary Online Directory access for interscholastic coaches and administrators, am I going to be charged at any point?

No, the only way that you would be charged for anything is if you would like to purchase access to additional state directories. All interscholastic coaches and administrators have free online access to their state’s coaches directory, as well as the National College Coaches Directory.

What happens when my subscription for the complimentary web access expires?

When your subscription expires at the end of each school year (June 30th), we will simply confirm that you still hold your position at the school and renew your subscription automatically. If you have changed schools we will make the appropriate changes to our database or you can let us know by contacting 1.877.386.4840 ext 0.

What does my complimentary access include?

Your complimentary access includes free access to your state’s Coaches Directory for the Junior High, High School, and Collegiate levels. It also includes access to the National College Coaches Directory.

I just registered, how do I view the online directory?

After registering, you will be taken to a page titled “Dashboard.” Look for the link towards the top of the page labeled “Directory” and simply click to access the directory information!

Directory Orders

Do I receive a complimentary hard copy of the directory?

High School Athletic Director’s receive a complimentary hard copy of their state’s Coaches Directory for the states we publish in book form -- only selected states are published in a hard copy format. The books are mailed out in the Fall of every year to the attention of the Athletic Director. All other administrators and coaches at High Schools, Jr Highs, and Colleges can access the directory online--free of charge, simply click here to register.

Where is my order?

Please call us if you would like to track your order or check the status:
1.877.386.4840 ext 103.